It was only 300 years ago that Calradia founded the colony of Brinkland. This was their first step in a game of catchup with nearby empires, attempting to create something of worth to call their own. With only two towns and a modest fortification, the colony crumbled and starved. It was an abject failure.

It was only 54 years ago that the Calrad Republic came back to resettle their lost land. So far they've managed to keep it. With a handful of villages and twin port cities, Brinkland has been able to sustain itself for nearly three centuries. But it has never been able to do anything more than sustain itself. Even now, shipments of grains go across the sea to the motherland, only to return with shipments of vegetables and manufactured goods. This time Brinkland isn't so much of an abject failure, but it certainly isn't something you'd call a success. 

It was only last year that the populist Consul Graccha was elected to co-governorship in Keyts-Rinaud. The people seem to finally have a voice in the matter of their own governing and he's been pushing hard to expand the territory to the North, a mostly barren but mostly safe land called the Outback. Refugees from two dying or dead villages wait in the shantytown neighborhoods of Keyts for the letter of law to spell out the boundaries in which they can settle. It has been a year.

It was only last month that the incumbent and career co-governor Consul Tiber took back imperium and has refocused his efforts to reclaim the land to the south and fight back the encroaching wild. He has put more silver in the hands of commonfolk as militia-guardsmen than Brinkland has ever seen before. Soldiers march south to New Woods Watch to build a temporary fort and begin work at pushing back the Overgrowth that claimed the ancient settlement of Kvesht. Guardsmen overflow the river battery of Geyt, green and anxious for a fight. 

It was only last week that the backwater of the backwater got word that something may have been found deep in Stater's Forest. Something as old as the first settlements itself.

The Backwater Colony of Brinkland

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