The Backwater Colony of Brinkland

The Little Town of Kvesht

The Consul's Coin

People join the militia for a lot of reasons. Most of them have to do with not starving. Some want to build a career, like the recent Consul Graccha. Most of them made their decision to join before Consul Tiber started his campaign against the wilds. Now your under equipped and under rationed group are at the edge of civilization fighting a war against the world itself. 

The militia have been given new orders. Last week you were to reinforce New Woods Watch. Now a small portion of you are to go into the New Wood and deep into the Overgrowth to scout out the lost town of Kvesht. Captin Galien thinks that something may be in there that's stealing fertility from the nearby towns. With one village completely barren and another starting to starve, he wants to throw as much as he can at the threat. And with the recent influx of boots and swords, he's got a lot more to throw. 

Your briefing is short. "March southeast," the captain drones in a weary monotone. "Find whatever is causing this blight and take report back. I don't care if you destroy it or take it with you, it doesn't matter to me. Just. Report. Back."



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