Graccha of Keyts

The people's voice


Graccha is a gruff dwarf of middling years. Still young for a dwarf, he is still colored of beard and brash of character. His no nonsense practical proposals have gotten a lot of support recently.


Graccha grew up in the fertile fields beyond the Kans but came of age in the newly founded shantytown of Keyts. WIth a modest education and passionate service in the local militias, he was able to rise to the rank of Consul by vote of the landed peoples of Keyts. The fact that this office exists at all is a shock, the fact that Graccha holds it is even more baffling. His career in the militia was spent trying to cut swathes of the Overgrowth away from the ancient settlement of Kvesht to reconnect it the Square Towns to Port Romance. After spending a decade and a half and getting less than nowhere, he gave up hope and began to push to settle further north away from the wilds.

Currently he is pushing to extend the reach of Brinkland further beyond the Aquila and into Outback territory. This is a hugely popular move among the people who have flocked from the crumbling towns to the south and seek shelter elsewhere.

He is political rival to Consul Tiber of the sister city of Rinaud.

Graccha of Keyts

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