Tiber of Rinaud

The voice of reason


Tiber is a human male, late middle aged, and a career politician. He has grown rather “successful” in size in his later years.


Tiber’s family have always been politicians. He always planned to be as well. In his 35 years in various offices, including 8 years as Governor, he has always supported the people of Brinkland in their various efforts. His biggest success was the establishment of Port Romance, a new port to the south of the Ursus Uprising, allowing timber to be shipped up north for the construction of a new shipping fleet. His goal is to unite the twin cities under one unified government and make Brinkland a shipping destination along this new continent.

3 years ago the co-Consulship was imposed by the motherland of Calrad and his power was literally halved. Having to give up imperium every other month to the newcomer has put a damper on his efforts.

Recently, he has been giving jobs to the refugees of the south by hiring them on as soldiers and guards. Where he got the money for this is not known to the public, but many support him as a way to make sure the lands they own, the lands they’ve lived in for centuries, are safe.

Tiber of Rinaud

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