Scraelind (Port Prodigal Area)

When Calradia settled Brinkland over 600 years ago it made 2 major important settlements. The first at the mouth of the Aquila River, which is the city of Rinaud. The second was at the source, Skrel. When the colony failed, Skrel was the only town of any consequence able to sustain itself. While the rest of the colony withered, they survived. Now the original settlers still persist there in the town they call Scrael.  The new settlers call it Port Prodigal.

Because of its fertile nature, Scrael has been home to many different peoples over its 600 year history. It was a natural home for many of the dwarves among the original settlers just because of the proximity to the largest mountains in the region. At one time the dwarven population reached heights of nearly 40% of the whole population, a staggering amount in any area above ground. The dwarves themselves did not thrive on the surface, but their cultural impact lives on. That dialect of the people in Scraelind has a distinct Dwarvish ring to it and many common expletives are bastardizations of the original tongue. ("Dwe golda fur en axe? Kvetchka moryila. Gyetzen!")

This cultural impact of Scrael stretches as far as the Kans river to the east, which creates a triangle for verdant farmland in Brinkland's northwest corner. For the most part even the nearby wild forests are safe. Not much has changed in six centuries, even the people follow the Sovereign Host, seven gods of plenty and peace. 

The people who grew up here are trying to defend their way of life from the new colonists. Calrad Republicans worship the Silver Flame, a deity on earth in the form of a silver pillar. This monotheistic tradition comes into conflict with the old ways and instant has created a divide among the old and new. That said, new Calrads are making their way west every day. In particular the half-orcs from each ship have set up a marshland town at the crux of the two rivers called Mudtown. Here they eke out a living and stay safe from the constant jeers that they receive from the normal fair faced folk. Most Calrads find the whole area to be too provincial for their liking and don't want to have to deal with the thick barbarous accent. 

Scrael (Port Prodigal) itself is an absolute backwater and cesspit for the entire region. Every road is muddy and each road has planking in it to help support the weight of carts. Most of the planking is repurposed from the ramshackle buildings that lean against each other, most of which are still inhabited only now with long, thin windows in unexpected places. Poverty is rampant in the town and any given street will hav an urchin in a corner coughing up a thick ooze or a drunk face down in the muck having his pockets forcefully lightened by the lady he hired just an hour earlier. The center of this debauche is the "proud" Hidden Clam, home to the most revolting tables you were ever expected to eat off of. 

Ferrand, meanwhile, is a delightful village in the center of rolling pastoral hills. It's the primary center of agriculture for the region and Brinkland as a whole. I'm gonna be honest, just picture the Shire. Got it? That's Ferrand. Lazy writing? Maybe. Placeholder? Definitely. 

Scraelind (Port Prodigal Area)

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